Thirion Bakehouse

Pies That Take You Home

Hi! I’m Kim Thirion and this is my culinary story in a nutshell.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Restaurant Management and decades in the commercial foodservice industry, I set out on a personal mission to complete the Le Cordon Bleu culinary program in St. Louis. I staged (volunteered) in some of the best restaurants the City had to offer and ended up completing my internship at a Gerard Craft Restaurant, The Taste Bar, under Executive Chef ‘Mateo’ Daughaday and His Sous Chef Heather Stone (Ah-Mazing).

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Since Returning to Springfield, I’ve been privileged to spend time in various restaurants such as Metropolitan Farmer and The Order, developing my skills in baking and assisting with dessert programs.

Fast forward to 2017. After meeting with Chef Cody Smith, I became a wholesale baker and started creating pies for City Butcher. My Husband Jim and I set up a commercial kitchen. With a dozen or so licenses in hand, a successful State Inspection and registration with the FDA/Homeland Security (sheesh), Thirion Bakehouse was born (angel choruses) …We are now working on developing our retail presence at our location in 2018.

This has been the project of my life. An endeavor of hope and with every pie and treat I create, my love letter to this corner of the world!

Fruit and Nut Pies

Either baked or fresh, as the season dictates, in a frosted pastry or crumb crust.

Texas Style Pecan $22
Dark salted caramel fill with chopped pecans
Caramel Apple Crumb $22
A variety of sliced apples baked and topped with caramel sauce and brown sugar cinnamon oat crumb
**Cherry Almond Lattice $22
Sweet dark cherry fill in a sugared and almond topped lattice

**Upgrade to Premium Designer Lattice

Cream Pies

Pudding based light and fluffy in a crumb crust.

*Malted Chocolate $22
Chocolate 3-way fill, topped with whipped cream in a choc sandwich cookie crust
*Creamy Lime Meringue $22
Tart lime fill with a floral touch topped with a cooked toasted Meringue in a glazed whole wheat crust
*Coconut Caramel w/whipped Cream $22
A coconut graham crust schmeared with a
coconut caramel then filled with a creamy coconut pudding, topped with whipped cream and toasted coconut

*Upgrade any Meringue or Whip Topped Pie to Premium “Mile High”

Chess/Custard Pies

Egg-based and baked in southern tradition in a frosted pastry or crumb crust.

Buttermilk Pie $22
A sweet southern treat filled with a touch of tangy buttermilk
Chocolate Chess $22
A fudgy baked chocolate fill with a dollop of cream.
Double Meyer Lemon Chess $22
A baked Meyer lemon base topped with a creamy Meyer curd

Premium Pies

That “Extra Touch” with added upscale flavor profiles and techniques.

Razzleberry Crumb $25
Multiple berries and apple fill topped with a citrus lavender crumb and a salted lavender caramel (ltd supply)
Chocolate Bourbon Pecan $25
Our Texas style Pecan Pie with Dark 60% Chocolate and Premium Bourbon Fill
Berry Oatmeal Walnut w/ boozy glaze $25
The pie version of our Oatmeal glazed cookie.
Filled with toasted oats, dried berries, white chocolate ganache and drizzled with a stiff bourbon glaze

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*Pies are currently available by pre-order only. Please submit orders no later than Sunday and Wednesday mornings for Tuesday and Friday pick up unless other arrangements are confirmed.